books i love: waking up in heaven


I was stuck in a layover flying home from NYC and I was so bored! I decided to head over to a bookstore.

I picked up this book (Waking up in Heaven by Crystal McVea). And I am not going to lie, I was a little skeptical… a book on Heaven.. come one. But, there really wasn’t much else to choose from.

No joke, I read the whole thing in the next two hours. I couldn’t put it down.

It’s about a woman who died for 9 minutes and experienced heaven for that brief amount of time. But, what is more intriguing than the whole Heaven portion was her life story. She was a self-proclaimed skeptic and was never sure of her faith and her story proves God’s pursuit for her. It’s incredible!

If you have experienced doubt or felt lonely or sad, I do recommend picking this book up. Honestly, I recommend it to anyone. It’s living proof of God’s love for us. And it’s a great, easy read.


  1. Crystal McVea says:

    Glad you “got it”…blessings to you always!

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