I walked in the boy’s room to clean the floor and I noticed this 🦒

It took me back. Jax received this giraffe when he was our foster care placement. I remember that time and how everything so felt up in the air and the future unknown. We had know idea what was next.

Years later, I am grateful everyday that I get to be his mom. Adoption is sweet yet at the same time it can be bitter. I constantly think of his biological family. I feel for them that they are missing out on the amazing kid that Jax is. It’s a battle of feelings.. some that I’m sure he has too.

Not sure why I wanted to share. Maybe for those who are in the shoes we were in years ago when this stuffie arrived. Or maybe for those who are considering putting those shoes on.

God has taught us so much through this boy. So thankful we said yes.

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