homemade bird feeders

So I can’t take credit for these little creations. This was all my oldest daughter Ellie’s idea.

But, it was super easy and fun! Maybe you can use it for a little afternoon entertainment?

Supplies needed:

Bird Seed

Elmers School Glue (non toxic)

Twine or String

Pinecones (we also had an adventure and searched for our own)

Step 1: Place glue on each of the layers.


Step 2: Place bird seed on the glue.

Step 3: Let them dry

Step 4: Tie a string and hang them up

Step 5: Enjoy watching all different kinds of birds come to visit!




We had an unexpected guest a few weeks ago. Some girl named Irma, heard of her?

Irma was a monster hurricane that decided to rock the islands and make its way to Florida.

Our home in Royal Palm just had very minor things.. debris filled the yard and we lost some shingles that we will have to fix (good thing I have such a handy hubby). And we only lost power for a bit! We got super lucky with that.


Our Schartner Lake Shack got hit harder by the storm. We lost several big trees. But with the gracious help of several others we were able to clear a lot of the debris! And I am still shocked that nothing landed on the house!

Here is a photo of before Irma (top), post Irma (middle), and after two rounds of pick up (bottom)


Hurricanes are HARD work. But as stressful as they can be, there is a silver lining in my opinion. It gives our communities a chance to show love. And I saw so many displays of that. From neighbors helping neighbors, to opening up homes for others to stay, and sharing meals together.

I know we had a great opportunity to spend time with people we probably would have been able to otherwise, and for that I am very thankful.

We will continue to pray for the islands and those who felt Irma’s wrath. And hopefully we can take a lesson from this and remember to love others and show kindness beyond hurricane season.

back to school

They are growing way too fast! School may be a hard transition for some of our kiddos (so prayers appreciated for that).. but this morning they all seem pretty excited!

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summer fun

We had so many great adventures this summer! From trips to Chicago, Miami, Legoland, and Haiti to just getting to live at the lake in between, truly priceless memories! I am so grateful we can have our summers all together. Summer…. do you have to come to an end???

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haiti june 2017

We just got home from an amazing trip to Haiti with our girls! The majority of our trip was spent with our family at Wholehearted Home. We love them so much and it was extra special to see our children playing together. Luke was able to do driving lessons with the older boys and also […]

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minnow traps 

Today I thought I’d share a little activity we like to do up here at the lake. Reusing water bottles to make minnow traps.  This is fun way to collect some minnows. The clear bottle is like a little fish tank and fun to watch them swim around or my kids even like making little […]

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josiah’s adoption day

This day was so special! Our family felt incredibly loved and supported by our tribe and of course we had the blessing of adding Josiah permanently to our family. God is good. In the hard times and in the beautiful ones like this day. So its my pleasure to introduce to you our son, Josiah […]

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Little update on Ellie’s shoe drive…  ​​ We are up to 656 pairs of shoes to bring to Haiti! With more still coming in.  The girls are so excited!  Here’s their little feature on the news..  http://www.wptv.com/news/region-c-palm-beach-county/west-palm-beach/young-girls-collect-shoes-for-people-in-haiti Thanks to everyone who is supporting! We will be sure to put up images of the girls passing […]

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and then there were 4

So today is a great day! It is this adorable guy’s 3rd birthday! He’s a blend of sweet kisses and defiant scowls.. haha. He is incredibly bright, in fact he may be the most perceptive kid I have ever met. His laugh is just perfect and very contagious. He loves to dance. Oh, and he’s built […]

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This week has been one of those “whoa” weeks. You guys ever have those? The ones that stop you in your tracks. Thursday I stopped by to drop off some items for my daddy who was healing from a tonsillectomy (ouch!). While I was there, my parents took a call from dad’s doctor. He explained on speaker […]

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