items needed for haiti

So in just two weeks from today, I will be in one of my favorite countries, Haiti.

I will be honest, Haiti and I tend to have a bit of a love, hate relationship. But, one thing is guaranteed each time I go, I never come back the same.

Luke and I have been able to build some precious relationships there. We really can’t wait to see everyone!

If you want to catch up on our prior trips to Haiti.. you can read about them here and here. (And see more images there)

Here are few of my images from past trips…

haiti3 IMG_3655 IMG_3633 IMG_8951 IMG_3168 IMG_8965 IMG_9391 IMG_9456 IMG_8065 IMG_8367 haiti14-1 haiti13 IMG_8599 IMG_8384 IMG_8917 haiti5 IMG_8028 IMG_8910 IMG_9568 haiti3-1 haiti1 IMG_3379 haiti6

Before we head out, we do have some items we are looking to bring with us.

Let us know if you would like to add any of these things to your grocery list in the next week or so?

(We will need all items by April 8th)

Please send me an email to if you are interested in dropping off some of the things below… or in donating money and I can go and pick them up.

* Peanut Butter 28oz. 4 jars
* Jelly 14-16 oz. 2 jars
* Canned chicken 10-12 oz. 4 cans
* Canned tuna 10-12 oz. 4 cans
* Packaged Pepperoni 2 packages
* Cereal 2 boxes
* Liquid hand soap 8 oz. 2 bottles
* Diapers size 4 or 5
* Baby wipes 2 packages (only need 1 package now)
* Parmesan cheese grated
* Maple Syrup 1 bottle
* Salad dressing 1 bottle
* Toilet paper (6-9 rolls) 1 package
* Paper towels (2-4 rolls) 1 package
* Dish Soap 1 bottle
* Powdered coffee creamer 1 container
* Aluminum foil 1 package
* Disinfectant wipes (ex. Lysol) 1 container
* Sponges 2 packages
* Bar soap 6-8 bars
* Maternity Clothes Size M-L
* Prenatal Vitamins
* Twin Sheets (boy colors)
* White Drying rags
* Outdoor 10ft Table Cloth
* $ for Bins to bring items in
* $ for some hardware store purchases we need to get while in Haiti for the house
* Women’s Head scarves/lightweight scarves
* Soccer Cleats Boys size 8-12

Thank you in advance for anyway you can help!

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