books i love: love does



You know those amazing stories that make you want to change? Be different?

I felt like this book is filled with stories like that. Love Does is a light read and filled with adventure.

Also, each chapter is a different story.. so it is any easy way to break up the book if needed over time.

I know that it made me look at my daily life and the decisions I make differently. Maybe the person checking me out in the Target line needs someone to talk to them. Maybe the waitress I had yesterday was put in my path for a reason.  I am not saying that we have to go out each day looking for a crazy adventure, but I do know that this book helped me realize that I need to be open to when God is calling me to something different. Something that may seem weird or crazy!

The author, Bob Goff, is one of those rare people who doesn’t just tell good stories; he lives them. And I know this book inspired me to follow his lead.

If you have read this one… leave some comments below on what you thought about the book!

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