places i love: zumba

Do you remember that Molly Shannon SNL squit where she talks about liking to shake it, shake it, shake it? Such a classic!

Picture 4

So, I really do love to shake it.

This is why I love ZUMBA!

And not just any Zumba class with any instructor… but Tuesday Night Zumba at Community of Hope. 

One, it’s free. Holla! 

Two, it’s all girls. So I can really shake it.

Three, my BFF teaches the class. Heck yes! And she is great! And by far my favorite dance partner.

There she is tearing up the dance floor…


So… if you aren’t doing anything on Tuesday nights at 6pm…. come and join us!

I would love to dance and laugh with you!

And because it’s always fun to have some images to give you a visual… here are some more from a friend’s wedding where Shelly and I actually got to be guests (and not there photographing it)!

Thanks to our friend Kalia, who was the photographer, for these funny-kinda embarrassing-but totally awesome shots! They are unattractive… but they make laugh so hard every time I see them!

1898246_628211250581856_1399096052_n1618580_628216503914664_1684710390_n 1891156_628218780581103_964353198_n 1780729_628217100581271_1907725143_n 1798096_628214350581546_796201142_n 1897832_628217647247883_1063245755_n  1901860_628217453914569_1364503913_n 1965002_628211833915131_912491261_n 1978804_628214240581557_1237818334_n 1902916_628210637248584_395574050_n1979660_628210507248597_2063394995_n


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