needs for haiti

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We are planning another trip to Haiti in few weeks and we are looking for some items to bring with!

Here’s the list of the things we are looking for the orphanage and surrounding areas. We can accept donations until July 3rd.

If you are willing to help please send me a note at

Thanks in advance for anything you can do! And if you don’t have time to pick something up, you can always give financially so we can get the items before we leave!

*    Peanut Butter   28oz.
*    Jelly   14-16 oz.
*    Canned chicken  10-12 oz.
*    Canned tuna        10-12 oz.
*    Cereal
*    Liquid hand soap  8 oz.
*    Diapers size 3-5
*    Baby wipes
*    Parmesan cheese grated
(ex. Kraft)
*    Maple Syrup
*    Salad dressing
*    Toilet paper (6-9 rolls)
*    Paper towels (2-4 rolls)
*    Dish Soap
*    Powdered coffee creamer
*    Disinfectant wipes (ex. Lysol)
*    Sponges
*    Bar soap

Gently used or new shoes of all sizes

Gently used or new clothing….


18 months girls

3t girls

8-14 girls

8-16 boys

Mens Small/Mediums



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