We had an unexpected guest a few weeks ago. Some girl named Irma, heard of her?

Irma was a monster hurricane that decided to rock the islands and make its way to Florida.

Our home in Royal Palm just had very minor things.. debris filled the yard and we lost some shingles that we will have to fix (good thing I have such a handy hubby). And we only lost power for a bit! We got super lucky with that.


Our Schartner Lake Shack got hit harder by the storm. We lost several big trees. But with the gracious help of several others we were able to clear a lot of the debris! And I am still shocked that nothing landed on the house!

Here is a photo of before Irma (top), post Irma (middle), and after two rounds of pick up (bottom)


Hurricanes are HARD work. But as stressful as they can be, there is a silver lining in my opinion. It gives our communities a chance to show love. And I saw so many displays of that. From neighbors helping neighbors, to opening up homes for others to stay, and sharing meals together.

I know we had a great opportunity to spend time with people we probably would have been able to otherwise, and for that I am very thankful.

We will continue to pray for the islands and those who felt Irma’s wrath. And hopefully we can take a lesson from this and remember to love others and show kindness beyond hurricane season.

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