happy new year


Tried to slow down and take a few minutes to soak in the last day of this year.

2018, like most years, was eventful. I had moments of overwhelming gratitude for this life I live and others where I found myself discouraged and defeated. I made some really great memories with my kids, but other times found myself raising my voice in frustration. There have been good tears.. and bad ones. I had days where I was loving my husband well… without condition.. and some where I just didn’t want to, I chose selfishness. I was able to trust God in some big things, and saw Him literally move in mighty ways… but yet I am still tempted to grasp at control.

When I think about next year… I have a mix of emotions too. There are some big unknowns, and if I’m honest that’s really uncomfortable. But sometimes we grow the most when things are uncomfortable. And while I’m sure I will still make mistakes, I really want to be willing to do whatever He wants. I want to be listening, quick to obey, deliberate, love others well, and be present. And like I was reminded yesterday…I want to remember that I am who He says I am. I want to live like that person, not the definitions

I give myself. 2019… its coming (in like a few hours haha). What do you think God is taught you this past year? Any thoughts about next year?

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