places i love: the lake part 2

This is the last week of summer… sniff sniff! My favorite time has come to an end..

But, when I think back on the all of the amazing things we were able to do these past few months, I feel super blessed and thankful.

I wanted to share just a few images from our time at the lake this summer. It was a great combination of time together just as a family and time with awesome friends and family.


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Luke bought a really old jet skit for cheap.. it was such a blast to have at the lake!

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The girls spent almost every day catching minnows… they called this bucket “minnow town”


It was great to see these two really bond this summer. They played all day, every day together.


Ellie and She-She showing off.

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Ellie and Kira did such an awesome job skiing and kneeboarding.

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This guy took his first steps while we were at the Lake!


My girls from Belle Glade came up for the day. This was their first time in a lake, fishing, riding a jet ski, and going on a boat with a motor. We had a blast.

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Some of the guys from Luke’s small group came up for a couple days!


Sunrise on the lake was my absolute favorite. That time each morning was priceless.


We spent and entire day trying to catch this spotted minnow. Finally, victory! We named him Cookies and Cream.


We had some great friends come to visit!

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My family came up for a couple days too. So fun!




I am sure this is just the beginning of many more lake vacations to come 🙂

places i love: the lake

Our little family rented a lake house for a few weeks this month. It has been such a blast so far (and it’s only been about a week).

We are just having the best time.


And come on, these have to be the cutest kids on the lake right?

Now that we are here, I am realizing more and more how priceless times like these are. Spending time together as a family just being together.  It is so great to take a step back from our crazy lives and just do things at a slower pace.

Not only has it been great for our family as a whole.. but also individually.. at least for me. I have a lot of time to spend with Jesus… clear my head… and just be still.

Which normally isn’t that easy for me to do… but I am seeing that it was needed.

I have this horrible habit of going, going, going and not taking time to process things like I should.  Anyone else with me on this?

And while my life is incredibly blessed… and I don’t have too much to worry or complain about.. I realize now that I still need to take those moments of quiet.

Two big things I have been thinking and praying about alot this trip so far…

Fostering.. and all of the fears, anxiety, happiness, sadness, excitement, and questions that go with that. I mean it is a crazy emotional ride! Having time to pray for our family and the toll it takes on us and our daughters is so needed. Praying for my foster son’s future and development. Giving the Lord control daily over it all. Trusting HIS plan.

My business. Whew, that’s been a-whole-nother thing on my mind a lot lately. Don’t get me wrong, owning a business has many perks (like getting to take off three weeks in the summer to spend time with your family at a lake house). But, it can also be incredibly stressful and burdensome. I not only have to keep enough business to pay my salary, but also my best friend’s who works for me full time. It is a pressure sometimes that I don’t even realize is there. And even though it’s tempting to worry when things aren’t booking up quite as quickly as they have in the past.. this time away has given me an opportunity to give it to the Lord. Trust that if this is what He has for me and my life. He will provide.

Please join me in prayer for these things! And, my encouragement to you my friends… take time to get away. It is one of the biggest investments you can give your family and yourself!

I look forward to posting more over the next couple weeks. So stay tuned!