end of a chapter

Today marks the end of a journey. It’s the day our foster care license expires.

It’s bittersweet for sure. The past 8 years have been an incredible, ridiculously hard, amazing, life changing experience. We were able to see many children come through the doors of our home. They each taught us something. Their stories opened our eyes to see the world differently. Some stayed for days, some never left 🤪. We did this thing as a family. Together.

I want to thank God for putting this on our hearts years ago. And for giving us strength each time we desperately needed it. For giving us peace in the many unknowns. And most importantly for loving us so we could love these children and their families.

Thank you as well to you.. our community for loving, encouraging, and supporting us and these children too.

We are still passionate about foster care and will continue to advocate for these kids in other ways. We also are excited to begin mentoring new foster/adoptive families.

if you are ever interested in learning more about fostering or how you can help support other foster families, it’s a subject we’re always ready to talk about! Let us know.

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