taking the plunge

taking the plunge

I wanted to have an opportunity to lay it all out there. Be real.

Being vulnerable is not just about showing the parts of you that are shiny and pretty and fun, it’s about revealing the imperfect parts too. I have been learning these past few years that when we take off our masks, we really can encourage one another. So many of us probably have the same struggles and fears… it’s just that nobody talks about those things! What I may be learning right now as a business owner, wife, or mom may be just the things you are learning as well or need to hear (and vise versa).

I am excited to write randomly here about serious and not so serious things. Fair warning, the topics can vary widely. That is just characteristic of my life, haha. You should see my itunes playlist… probably the most random mix of music you would ever encounter. But, that’s the fun of it. Also, I am not always grammatically correct… or even politically correct. So sorry in advance for that too.

I hope you will join me along in this journey and share as well. I am excited for this new adventure!

So here I jump….

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