the menu


True story…  my husband has been counting down the 30 days to my bday with a present each day (I turn the big 3-0 this year!). Can I pause and just say that this has been so fun.. and I am totally shocked that he did this?! I feel super special… and I just wanted to brag on him for a minute. 

So, it’s been 7 days of presents so far.. and 5 out of 7 have been food related. Oh boy! Need less to say… I am a bit of foodie (anyone else out there?)

I just get really excited about eating different things. I have so many favorites… healthy.. and um, not so healthy.

Another thing I love to do is eat out. I love having a conversation over a meal. I love getting to go to a restaurant and getting to pick something delicious off of a menu. It’s just amazing!

I recently read a book named, The Kingdom Woman, by Tony Evans and his daughter Chrystal. One of the reasons I love Tony Evans is he always has incredible, yet simple illustrations.

One that has always stuck out to me was this one…

You walk in a restaurant hungry. You have a void because your body is craving food. So, you open up the menu. There you can see all of the delicious options the restaurant has to offer… all right there on the menu. A waiter comes up, asks if you have any questions about the menu. He may even offer insight or personal experience on dishes he has enjoyed.

So now that you have read the menu, heard about the menu, even appreciated how well the waiter explained the menu… you certainly wouldn’t just say amen and go home. You won’t walk out of the restaurant just talking about how great the menu was. You didn’t come just to read it or hear somebody talk about it.. you came to actually experience the food on the menu.

Many people are satisfied coming to church or Bible study and just reading the menu or having someone explain it to them. But, the problem is they still go home hungry.

If we need to eat numerous times a day for our body to function properly, don’t you think it’s the same spiritually? If you are dissatisfied… worn out… unhappy… maybe, just maybe those are hunger pains…  because you’re starving yourself!

Actually believe the truth on the pages. Partake of that truth… it’s the food you need!

Maybe you have been feeling worthless or insecure about yourself. Go to the Bible (the menu). You will see that is not even close to being true.

God says you are valuable! You are priceless! He says that He knows the amount of hairs on your head… that He formed you in your mother’s womb to be just who He wanted. He already had a purpose and plan before you were even born! That is some major worth!



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