the breakers

Last week I had an awesome opportunity to go the Breakers… yes THE BREAKERS…  with my group of girls in Belle Glade.

It was an amazing time and so fun to witness these girls experience so many great things for the first time.

It was their first time in a hotel.

Some their first time in the ocean.

Their first time watching a sunrise over water.

First time swimming in an infinity pool.

First time seeing a draw bridge.

Here are just a few pics from our time.

(And thanks again to Angela.. for hooking us up with so many perks during our stay!)

And if you are a lady and interested in helping out on Wednesdays with me in Belle Glade… I would love to have more gals involved! Send me a note a

breakers2 breakers3 breakers1 breakers5 breakers6 breakers7 breakers8 breakers10 breakers12

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