easiest wreath ever

With the Holidays over and our Christmas decor put away, I felt like our front door looked pretty lonely.

So, I started to look for something different to freshen it up. I went to Home Goods, Michaels, Target, and yikes! I was surprised how expensive wreaths are!

I ended up finding a grapevine wreath at a garage sale… put that with a 40% off Michael’s coupon… I decided to get crafty.

Now, I am not the most creative person… so I didn’t try anything too complex.

I found a simple white and yellow bunch of a rose/gardenia looking flower… and then some succulent accent (who doesn’t love succulents?)


I decided to just put a few on the top left corner and bottom right corner (I fastened them on with green wire). I ended up having a few extras, so I also made a little arrangement for the dinner table.

Here’s the end result…



And, all of this for just $15. It took me about 15-20 minutes. Yay!

Hope it inspires you too!

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