march visit to haiti

Luke and I just returned from another great trip to Haiti.

We love our family there. There is just something about that place that warms our heart and fills our soul.

This time we were able to bring all of the shoes Ellie collected for her shoe drive. Just over 200 pairs! Boy, did they go fast. And a special thanks to WPTV for sharing about the drive and to Rachel Shoes for donating 50 pairs of new sandals. Make sure you scroll down to see how happy these kiddos were to receive these! I think we are going to make the shoe drive an annual thing.

It’s always a blessing to spend time at Haitian Christian Mission. They have so many exciting things going on there from the hospital to the school to new businesses booming. It’s awesome! They are even building a new surgical center next to the hospital. If you are a teacher or involved in the medical field.. you would LOVE to come a visit this place! Really anyone would…

We loved getting to spend time with Thony who runs the Play it Forward program. The teams are growing and the lives they are impacting is incredible. You must go and learn more about this program! Sponsoring a child to play sports is so much more than you think.. it’s three meals a week, discipleship, and the opportunity to travel and be on a team. See how you can get involved!

And last but not least, we spent time with our precious family at Wholehearted Orphanage. We were able to celebrate Easter, birthdays, and just spend some quality time together. We also stopped by the property to see the progress! So awesome to see the wall started and a drill now going in. Please go and check out the site to learn more about this orphanage and their future plans. It will be an amazing home for so many orphans… and a chance for them to live in a family environment. Incredible!

And I know I am really plugging these organizations…  but it’s only because I believe in them so strongly. I have seen the impact they are making. And your money… it can go SO far here.

For example.. the well being put in at the orphanage… the cost was $7500. Sounds like a lot.. but it isn’t when you think of how fast that money can go here. There, that well will change lives. It will provide water for the community around the orphanage. People walk miles with buckets to get water right now…this will completely change that for them. So exciting!

Just think, pray, and consider what you can do to get involved! Maybe it’s taking a trip with us… maybe it’s donating money or goods… Whatever it may be, I know your time, money, or prayers will be well spent.

(Speech over 🙂 )

Here’s some of the images from the trip…

haiti5 3R4A8389 3R4A8322

3R4A7501 3R4A7634 3R4A7559 3R4A7733 3R4A7710  3R4A7993 3R4A79993R4A7989  3R4A7577 3R4A7631bw 3R4A7909 3R4A8014 3R4A7841 3R4A8010 haiti33R4A8080 3R4A8156 3R4A8224 3R4A8202 3R4A8184 3R4A7956 haiti23R4A8187 3R4A8015 haiti13R4A7963 3R4A8031 3R4A8117 3R4A7831 3R4A8053 haiti6 3R4A8420 3R4A8298 3R4A8217 3R4A8368 3R4A8016 3R4A8272 3R4A8283 3R4A8247



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