So I have been doing this study on Tuesday Mornings called Loving God with all your Mind. It’s been really appropriate timing for me to learn so many of the truths in this book.

Something big I took from it this week is a concept she talks about… Blooming where you are planted.

She goes over the passage in Jeremiah when the Israelites were held captive in Babylon. And even though they weren’t home in the land God has promised… the text says that God allowed it for a season. He even went as far as to instruct the Israelites to live life, build their families, etc (Jer 29:7)… Bloom where they were planted. And when the time came, God delivered them.. because He has plans for a future (Jer 29:10-11).

But, it’s in HIS perfect timing.

I thought about life and how there are times when we are in jobs, relationships, trials that aren’t quite where we thought we would end up. Or maybe you just had a big life change recently… and it’s hard to understand why God allowed it. Why did He uproot you?

I don’t really know the answers.

Maybe it’s to grow our faith. Maybe it’s to prepare us for what’s next. Maybe it’s to draw us closer to Him. And maybe it’s just for a season (like the Israelites).

But I do know that just because things have changed or we are in a different situation, doesn’t mean we can’t keep growing and flourishing.

We have a lot of fruits and veggies growing now in our backyard. And I am not an expert gardener, but I am getting better each year. Haha.

Often times we grow our food from seeds, so they start out in a smaller container. Then when they are mature enough, we uproot them and put them in a larger pot or box. Sometimes, this process will happen a couple times before a plant is mature enough to go in to the ground where it will permanently be.

Maybe it’s true with us too? God uproots us and changes everything we know so that we can have an opportunity to grow bigger, deeper, and eventually bear more fruit. But it is all with the intention of preparing us for the future. For the place he wants to plant us to be.

My hubby and I have had a passion for adoption for a few years now. And originally our desire was to adopt from a country we love so much, Haiti. After this last trip in March, we felt like we needed to make a move and get the ball rolling. But, as I started to contact agencies and heard no after no (there is a 2 year waiting list for adoptions right now because agencies have reached their small quotas). I became discouraged. Why would God put a burden in our hearts specifically about this country and then keep closing the door? So again, we are in a season of waiting.

I am not sure why, honestly.

But I do know that God has given us these burdens for a reason. And just because we can’t adopt right now from Haiti, doesn’t mean that we can’t still love on the people of this country. We can support from here. We can do what we can to raise awareness for the half a million orphans that live in the country. We don’t have to just be still.

And we can continue to seek God and what His desires are for our family. And trust that changes to our plans… may just be a chance for us to grow and prepare us for HIS plan.

And for fun.. here are a couple pics from the backyard…



IMG_3439 unnamed-11 unnamed-10 unnamed-12 unnamed-8 unnamed-13 unnamed-9 unnamed-7 blackberries





  1. the Ringmaster says:

    A good one for me to read today. As you know, we are undergoing our own season of replanting . . . and it feels like every member of my family has had an easier time of it than I. I believe the Father’s heart has good in store for us, so I wait . . . and remind myself it’s okay to be uncomfortable as long as I’m being obedient. His commands are not burdensome (1 John 5:3).

  2. Great garden and desires but listen to your grandfather you have done a lot with your new son and your beautiful daughters. When God is ready to ask for more He will do it in mysterious ways. Do not force his hand looking for another adoption. It is a big responsibility to raise kids now days and three is enough. God has blessed you with three wonderful kids, please don’t push it!!!
    Love Grandad.

  3. I think you are amazing. I want to be like you guys when I grow up.

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