minnow traps 

Today I thought I’d share a little activity we like to do up here at the lake. Reusing water bottles to make minnow traps. 

This is fun way to collect some minnows. The clear bottle is like a little fish tank and fun to watch them swim around or my kids even like making little habitats in tupperwares or buckets and transferring them. Then they have little pets for a couple hours (and yes they name them 😉).

Ok, first step… 

Take an old water bottle and cut it just above the label.

Then, add a couple pieces of bread or crackers. We just used an old bagel. And remove the label. Flip the top part of the bottle and put it inside the bottom like this…

You have your trap made! Just place it under water by the shore. Grassier areas work well, as long as the minnows can still swim around. 

Wait and the minnows will come! 

(Ignore my kids noisy breathing.. they were a little excited.. haha)

And there you go! Enjoy! 

What fun little things do you like to do outside to explore nature a little more? My kids love anything having to do with that. I’d love to hear your ideas! 

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