haiti march 2018

We had such a blast this past week in Haiti.

Because of so many generous people, we were able to bring close to 600 pairs of shoes from Ellie’s Shoe-be-do. 17 huge checked bags!

We passed out the shoes in three different areas in Haiti. Each distribution went so smoothly (probably the best ones yet). The recipients were sweet and thankful, which is a great testament to their leadership (even once we ran out). We choose to pass out the shoes through local ministries, because those pastors and ministries are truly the hands and feet each day in Haiti. They are making such an impact! It is so inspiring. We were just happy to see a glimpse of what they do and help bless those in their ministries/area with some new shoes.

My personal favorite parts of the trip included seeing my girls serve so willingly and selflessly. Ellie and Kira were amazing. I also loved meeting so many new Haitian people and hearing their stories and loved seeing some old faces and dear friends. And last but not least, I always love spending time with the precious children at Wholehearted Home and Grace So Amazing Home.

We were also able to bring some of our Grace Fellowship family along this trip, which made it extra special!

Here are just a few images from our time.

Thank you to everyone who donated shoes! Included Rachel Shoes, who is always so gracious and gives us new shoes each year.



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