I like having a plan.

It sounds like something that I should go to a group counseling session for: “Hi, my name’s Jenny and I need a plan, no seriously”

Can anyone else relate?

I am a little over half way through this study from Priscilla Shier called Discerning the Voice of God. Guys, it’s so great. Truly one of my favorites and I am not even finished! And it has been incredibly timely because I have been in this, “ok, what’s next God?” mood.

The study has had so many nuggets of truth, I can’t even begin to share them all. But I did want to tell you about one today.

So she compares God (the Holy Spirit) to your smart phone’s Maps App. You know the destination and type it in. Then you just simply follow instructions. Turn right here. Exit here.  And every once an awhile.. when she doesn’t speak up.. you check your phone to make sure it is still on. Yep, its still there. It just isn’t time to change course yet.

It’s funny because the same thing can happen in life.

We go through stages where we just want to know ok, what’s next? Is it time to turn now God? Ok, what about now?

Sometimes when we don’t get an answer. That can make us feel confused and maybe even doubt that God is still with us.  But what we may not realize is the answer could be that we need to keep on going. Stay the course.

Luke and I have been talking and praying recently about whether or not we should keep our fostering license open (our renewal is up).

Sometimes, if I am being honest, I am totally overwhelmed with four kids and the thought of adding a fifth seems way out of my league. Other times I worry about where we are even going to fit more children (our house is only 1500 sq ft and we already have 6 people in it!) Selfishly, there are a ton of other reasons to not keep fostering. It’s not easy.

But, we don’t make decisions based on easy.

So, because we do not feel the Lord is asking us to stop or change course. We keep on.

We will be keeping our doors open.

I have no idea what exactly that means or what turns or direction that has us heading towards, but I trust that HIS ways are better.

Bringing it back to the illustration. I was driving home from Miami a week or so ago. Caught some traffic (big shocker there). Decided to myself Siri doesn’t know what she’s talking about, I am going to go another way.  Why? Because I know better. Well, my detour ended up costing me almost another hour. If I would have stayed the course and been patient.. I would have saved myself the headache, pain, and precious time of going a worse way.

We always appreciate your prayers and support while our family continues on this journey. Please pray for wisdom and lots of patience 🙂



  1. It is a great study and more timely than we think. I’m so proud of you and Luke. Your selflessness is evident. It is not easy to open your heart and home but you are making a difference in ways you can’t even imagine. Whatever you decide. Dad and I support you! You have moved our hearts to join your journey and we are blessed for it. Not only our precious grandsons, and the foster kids you let us love on but also motivating me to do my part and become a Guardian Ad Litem for foster kids has been such a blessing for me and an eye opener of what these kids go through. Thank you honey. Love you

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