reward charts

Today’s post is for the parents out there with children in the 3-7 yrs range.

It’s a fun age.. honestly that 3-5 span has been my favorite yet! But, sometimes it can be hard work to keep your kids on track as a parent.

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like I am constantly repeating myself.

“Go put your clothes in the the hamper.”

“Say Please!”

“Mommy has already asked you three times to….”

Not to mention the bedtime struggles (Do they really have to pee and get a drink that much?)

And the dinner struggles (Why won’t they just eat their veggies?)

So, enter in the Reward Chart. Luke and I started this about a year and a half ago. And we will go through seasons of forgetting about it.. and we can tell. I start to feel all of those things I just described before. We go back to using the chart more often and… walah! You start to see the change.


We love it because it gives us a chance to encourage good behavior (instead of always nagging on the wrong) and it also gives the girls a reminder of what’s right. Not to mention they are competitive and love to try and fill their charts up quickly.

Once they have their chart full, the girls get to go to their favorite Frozen Yogurt place and have their own yogurt with toppings (This is a big deal in our house).

599114_10151318506647666_603748838_n 156033_10151318508377666_381799609_n

Now, my good friend Beth has a son the same age as Ellie. She started a reward chart as well recently (but hers is way more creative).

She designed hers to be pirate themed… How fun is that? Especially for a boy!


Here’s her description of how her chart works… you must go and check it out!

And while you are at it, check out some of her other great projects. She is one of the most creative moms I know.

So whether you put together a simple chart like ours or want to get more creative… maybe this is something that can help you with your preschool/early elementary aged child?

If you try it out, comment below and let me know how it works!


  1. Thanks Jenny! I love that are kiddos are in the same stage of life and we can encourage each other on our journey of parenthood. 🙂

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