kira graduates

My precious Kira Grace graduated preschool last night. Sniff!

To celebrate we had a “Kira and Mommy” day. One of my favorite things to do in the world is to take my kids and spend time with them individually. I feel like that is when we have the funniest conversations or I notice something new about their personality. I love it!

It’s sad to know that next year I won’t be able to do these little dates as much during the week because both girls will be in school full time (talk about really needing tissues now).

So, I really wanted to take advantage of this time together Friday.

We started the morning at Kira’s favorite breakfast spot..  Panera (which we don’t go to often anymore because mommy is trying to stay away from Gluten).


Then we went for Kira’s first Mani/Pedi. She sat so still and was very polite to the woman helping her.


Kiki loves car washes. I don’t know what it is about them.. but she is so intrigued. So next stop was the car wash!


Then we stopped by Steak and Shake and had a M&M shake.


We came home and snuggled and watched her movie pick, Frozen.

It was such a great day. I am blessed to have Kira as my daughter. She has a kind heart. She is hilariously funny. She is beautiful inside and out.  I am so proud to be her mama!

Here’s a few from Graduation night…



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