spoiled rotten

So this birthday month has pretty much been the best ever.

I am so overwhelmed by all of the love I received. It definitely made turning 30 a great thing!

This past month… I was able to do a short get away with my mom, going salsa dancing with my girls, paddleboarding with my sisters, spend time in Haiti, then a family trip to St Pete Beach…. and finally… a cruise this past weekend! Yowsers. Spoiled right?

And this guy had a lot to do with that… (so handsome, right?)


He gave me 30 days of gifts leading up to my birthday. They were special little thoughtful things that brought huge smiles to my face. I am not sure I have ever felt so loved by everyone! I am truly blessed to have so many precious people in my life.

My last present from Luke was a surprise 4 day cruise to Cozumel. We just got back… and *sigh*… It was restful, beautiful, fun, and so nice for me and the hubby to get away. Not to mention we got to spend a day on one of my favorite islands eating delicious Mexican food… yes! (*Side Note.. I am also thankful for our moms and friends who helped care for our babies while we were gone. We wouldn’t be able to do these things without their help)

I honestly didn’t take many photos during the trip… oops. But, I think that was part of the relaxing for me (since taking photos is what I do for a living).

I did manage to snap a few the day we were in Cozumel with our little point and shoot. So enjoy a little peek in to the trip.

It is a beautiful place!  I highly recommend a visit there one day.

cruise1 cruise3 cruise4 cruise2 cruise5 cruise6 cruise7



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