2015. yowsa.

New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black background

I was joking with some friends yesterday… that yes, we made it folks!

2015, the year to which Marty McFly travels into the future. But, no flying cars or dehydrated pizza here.. haha.

Still, isn’t it crazy we are already in 2015? I feel like it really has been hitting me that I am getting old. A mom, three kids, a business for 8 years.. yikes!

Life has flown by. And while I have been incredible blessed to do and experience so much in these 30 years… this new year holiday has given me an urgency to strive to be more proactive, productive, and intentional about my time.

2014 was a crazy, amazing year. Luke and I were talking a little about it yesterday…

We started off the year with my little sister getting hitched and my little brother having his first child. So fun to see my Lawler family grow! Luke and I were able to travel overseas to Costa Rica, Haiti (a couple times), and Mexico. I was spoiled rotten for my birthday this summer by my husband. I unfortunately caught a virus called Chikungunya this summer as well… which was a struggle for months, but praise Jesus that’s over! In July we rented a lake house for 3 weeks as a family. It was an amazing time. While we were there this summer, we went and viewed a property. We fell in love.. and by God’s grace it ended up being something that fit our savings and budget. Craziness. So in September, we bought our first lake home. Which we lovingly call, The Schartner Lake Shack. I am going to post about some of the things we have been working on at the lake soon. So stay tuned for that. This place has been incredible for our family. Having a get away and a place to just be together is amazing. In November we were officially asked if we would like to adopt our foster son that we had with us for over a year and a half. We, of course, said yes! And he was officially adopted in December. And then just last week… we were able to refinance our home and officially close on that. With the new rate we received, we were able to shave ten years off our mortgage. Incredible! I also finished my business year strongly as well… and God has used my business to teach me so much about Him and how He provides just when we need it.

In the midst of so many blessings… there were still times that were hard. Luke and I are still learning how to love each other better and to grow in this thing called marriage. Believe me, I have not perfected being a wife.  And, I am also still learning and growing as a mom (Parenting can be so hard sometimes, holla if ya hear me moms). I lost some dear friends this year that went home to be with Jesus. Luke also lost his dear grandmother. We had moments where we really had to just look up and trust. I think those moments have grown our faith and in the end I am thankful for them.

2015… who knows what you have in store.

I do know.. that He knows the plans He has for us… and His plans promise a future and a hope (Jer 29:11). So I am ready for whatever it may bring!



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