q&a- elena joy

Today’s Q&A is with my oldest child… Elena Joy.

We went on a date this weekend. So I took the opportunity to ask some random questions. (I also did this with my other daughter, Kira, a few weeks back.. so stay tuned for her interview tomorrow).

Ellie will be starting 1st grade TOMORROW! When did she grow up? (Sniff)

I had to fill out a little info sheet about Ellie for her new teacher… and it asked me to describe her with a few words. I feel like this little girl has many amazing qualities, but the ones I put down were…

Leader (She is an incredible big sister and leader among her buddies)

Creative (She is artistic and always making up games, stories, activities, etc)

Giving (This girl gives so many things away.. and always is asking to do it more)

Compassionate (Ahh, something I wish I was better at! Ellie is so great at feeling emotion and love for others and understanding what they are going through).

So, without further ado.. Here’s my precious Ellie Baby. Sporting her super cute new haircut (because she just donated 9 inches to Children With Hair Loss.. Her idea!)

ellie1 ellie2 ellie4 ellie3

Her favorite thing to do with her new cut.. haha


So, Ellie.. What’s currently your favorite thing to do with….?

Your Family- Spend time together at the lake

Daddy- Go Fishing

Mommy- Go to the park together and look for butterflies

Kira- Pretend we are doggies together

Jax- Read him books


What makes you really excited?

My birthday


What’s your favorite color?

All shades of blue, because it looks like the sky and ocean


What is something you have learned recently?

How to do cartwheels


What are you looking forward to the most about 1st grade?

Learning fun things with my teacher


What’s something you think everybody should know?

About God’s love and Jesus


What’s your favorite song right now?

Away in a Manger


What’s your favorite movie?



What always makes you laugh?

Tickles and Fart noises


What’s something you want to do for someone else?

Give shoes to kids who don’t have any


And, what do you want to do when you grow up?

Be a mommy






  1. Beautiful, My first Great grand daughter with the smarts of her mother and grandmother. I am very proud of you guys as parents. She will grow up so quick to be a beautiful lady before you know. Love Grandpa Roqueta

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