q&a- kira grace

So, I just dropped of my Kiki at Kindergarten! First day! AHHHH! How did the time go by so fast?

There were no tears or fears… she was just very excited!


Here are some words I would use to describe Kiki…

Imagination- Kira has such a beautiful imagination. She loves to tell stories and it seems her little mind is always going and going. She is also great at making little houses for creatures she finds. And she is always putting on a performance or show for us to sit and watch in the living room.

Sweetie- This girl can be about as sweet as they come. She is so gentle and cuddly. I really hope that never changes!

Fun- Every night, Kira always says.. “the was the best day ever.” Because she is always having a blast. She gets super excited about most things. It’s fun to be around.

Brave- It may seem like a weird word.. but Kira does get scared about alot of things.. but she is always willing to face those fears. Kindergarten being one.. she was really nervous all summer about going.. but she did it! Without even crying today!

I love my sweet Kira Grace.

kiki1 kiki4 kiki2 kiki3

A few weeks back I took Kira on a mommy day. It was so fun.

And here’s little Q&A from that afternoon…


What’s currently your favorite thing to do with….?

Your Family- Go on the boat

Daddy- Go on the jet ski super fast

Mommy- Playing games together like Uno and Go Fish

Ellie- Play Barbies

Jax- Pull him in wagon


What makes you really excited?

water parks


What’s your favorite color?

All of the colors. They are all too beautiful.


What is something you have learned recently?

Ballet class


What are you looking forward to the most about K5?

Learning to read better


What’s something you think everybody should know?

How to be nice to each other


What’s your favorite song right now?

Our God is Greater


What’s your favorite movie?

Tinkerbell Pirate Fairy


What always makes you laugh?

Funny stories, duh


What’s something you want to do for someone else?

Share as much I can


And, what do you want to do when you grow up?

Professional Skateboarder




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