when life is crazy

Life.. it’s always an adventure that’s for sure.

Today started with a frustrating morning. My dog ran away. My foster son has screamed so many times I think I am going deaf (which may be the silver lining haha). I went to Target just to return something and pick up a few other things quickly… but didn’t notice that my foster son had emptied different contents of my wallet while we were shopping. That was fun to go back and find all of cards and important items sprinkled through the aisles (NOT).  Then, I got in my car and my key broke in the ignition. Maybe I should just laugh now?

I was tired. Irritated. Wrestling some major lies. Feeling like I can’t keep up and fail in all aspects of life.

Being a mom, wife, business owner, friend, etc. It’s a lot to manage. Anyone else feel this way at times?

I don’t like it – being annoyed by my kids, irritated, out of balance. So I was tempted to just go home and cry.

Well Praise God that He is good. I also had Bible study this morning. And decided for some strange reason that I should still attend.

And today’s topic we discussed was perfect.

We were learning to stay strong when things seem to be out of balance. To have realistic expectations for yourself and others.

So in an effort to give myself a bit of an attitude adjustment, I’ve been reflecting on what is important.

I need to be honest with myself. I am not going to be in perfect balance…. most of the time.. or ever. Especially in this stage of my life.  I have three little children. Sanity is not always an option.. haha. But, I can look at my life each day and keep focused on what’s important.

I can accept that if I don’t get to everything on my to do list.. it doesn’t mean I have failed or I am a bad wife, mom, friend, etc.

I do what I feel God has called me to do. I follow Jesus. I love my husband. I love and teach my children. I do my best to show Christ’s love to those around me. I fill my life with those things. It doesn’t mean it will always be easy or peaceful. But.. it does mean that I have purpose and meaning. And I can find no greater joy than that!

One of my friends reminded me today of how life is short. It truly is. And when I think back on mine so far and all of the things I have been given.. how can I deny how blessed I am? Even on days like today.. my life is so very blessed.

Thanks for letting me share what I am learning. 🙂



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