sweet little boy


This little guy… He’s the cutest.

This is our foster son.

He has changed our lives, no doubt about it. We have been blessed to have him now for 15 months now. And while there were points during that time (including ones recently)… where it hasn’t been easy, the blessings have far outweighed the hard parts.

I wish I could tell you his whole story on here. Because it shows how God pursues and love us.

But, believe me when I say that this little man is here for a reason. He is such a stubborn little guy… but I think in many ways that’s why he has persevered through so much already.

I just know God has incredible plans for this boy. And I am so thankful He placed him in our home.

If you can, please add this sweet child and our family to your prayers. The next couple months will be big months for him. We want to pray for wisdom for the judges, case manager, and state. Their jobs certainly aren’t easy.. and there are more cases then ever right now. We are really praying that his story and case can be a blessing to everyone involved. And God can use this to impact others.

I am excited for what the future possibly holds. And I do trust the God has been and will be in control.

Bub (his nickname) and I had a little time yesterday morning together… so I tried to grab a few shots of him. Such a handsome boy!

jax2 jax3

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