christmas festivities

Here’s just a little look back at some of our Christmas festivities this year.

It was a special time. I remember sitting and thinking so many times about how blessed I truly am. God has given me so many gifts. Amazing family. Sweet friends. The most precious children. A loving husband. And, most importantly the gift of His son and salvation.

These are random images… some shot on film. Some digital.

This was the Lawler festivities.

I think my mom will run out of stocking space soon…

3R4A1751 3R4A1758 3R4A1776 3R4A1892 3R4A1893 3R4A1906

Ellie was able to read the Christmas Story this year in the Bible. (proud mama over here)

3R4A1911 DC was the “old maid” in our annual game.

3R4A1918 3R4A1923

Cute little elf cousins!



Christmas morning at our place…

3R4A2828 3R4A2844 3R4A2888 3R4A2904

And the rest of the break was spent with our Schartner Family! We had such a blast the last couple weeks. I was trying to relax.. so I didn’t end up snapping too many photos. But, we had lots of fishing, swimming, playing, laughing, and of course, eating.

IMG_2072 IMG_2057 IMG_2119 IMG_1999 IMG_1930 IMG_2152 IMG_2155 IMG_2168 IMG_2234 IMG_2178 IMG_2249 IMG_1989


Hope you had a blessed Holiday break as well!


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