bathroom & kitchen remodel

So we had a giant leak in our wall between our master bathroom and our kitchen.

Praise God we were able to make a claim and have some help from insurance to pay for the repairs.

I wanted to just share a few before and afters.

We had to make decisions pretty quickly about everything.. and a new kitchen and bathroom weren’t even close to be on my radar. We just bought a lake house and it was not something we had money for any time soon.

So.. I started to look for options that were affordable, yet could stand the test of time (because this is not something we were planning on doing again soon haha).

We had a friend do most of the work for us, which was a huge blessing.

Ok.. so without further ado…

First up the kitchen…


The left is the before and the after is the new. We replaced our laminate counter tops and cabinets with solid wood cream cabinets and a white quartz countertop.


We also redid the tile as well. We tried to go with a neutral color and we went with a bigger size.



The sink we ordered from Blanco. I love the farmhouse sink.

The backsplash tiles are from Fireclay Tiles. They are beautifully handpainted and the photos don’t do them justice! We went with a greyish blue to add a pop of color. We may or may not do the backsplash everywhere… but for now we did the wall the oven is on.

I also put up this little chalk board from Ikea. It’s been awesome to keep track of upcoming events and have our dinners listed for the week.


I found this hutch on the side of the road a year or two ago… And with all of the changes, I thought it was a good time to finally paint it. I picked a teal color.


The walls when we bought the house 5 years ago were painted this yellow and green. So, we also changed that to a beige neutral color. It’s a little more peachy then I thought it would be… but we are rocking it for now! I went ahead and just painted all of the walls in the common area the same.


I added this little photo ledge too.


Our bathroom is super small. So when we did the remodel we were trying to think of ways to make it look a little bigger.

We chose to do bigger vertical tiles to the ceiling and use a glass wall.

Here’s our bathroom before…


And after! I love the vanity our friend made. And I love the serene, spa like feeling our bathroom as now.


It was super overwhelming trying to put these things together quickly… I felt like looking at pinterest almost made it worse! So many options!

But in the end, I am so happy with the turnout.

What do you guys think?




  1. Christine says:

    Looks great! We are thinking about doing our bathrooms and kitchen too. Do you mind sharing who you used as your contractor?

  2. The kitchen area looks comfy and sweet. Using glass is a wise option for the small bathroom. Thumbs up for the renovation and the post!

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