letting go

My life has been so busy lately. And, it never fails… when I get too busy, I neglect my time with the Lord.

This morning I felt pretty convicted about that. My time has been rushed, forgotten, or delayed too much the last couple weeks.

One of things I notice in myself when I am not spending enough time with God, is I quickly begin to doubt.

I doubt that He does have everything under control. I doubt that He does care about the little things. I doubt that I am here for a purpose. The list goes on…

If I would just spend time in His presence actually listening to His words.. I would see those things are not true.

He is in control.

Say it again Jenny, HE IS IN CONTROL.

Which means I need to let go of trying to be in control.

Lately I have been barely keeping my head above water trying to keep up with my business, mommy duties, fostering, being a wife, and a good friend. I think I can keep it all in order and under control, but it’s not working. I am exhausted. I am overwhelmed. I am emotional.

It’s a lesson I am constantly relearning… but I need to LET GO. I need to BE STILL.

One of my biggest fears lately has revolved around my little foster son. We love this little guy so much and it seems every week his future could change. That’s hard. I literally don’t have any control over what happens. I need to let go of thought that I do. I need to turn to the ONE who does have power of his future. The one who does have a purpose and plan for this precious child.

It wasn’t by chance that my morning read was on this very subject today. Here’s a little snapshot.

Jesus Today

(And if you haven’t ever read Sarah Young’s little daily books… go and get one! They are so awesome. This is my second year doing Jesus Today…)

Anybody else in my boat lately? Anybody else need to give the wheel over to the captain?