One day out of the year, we have this beautiful opportunity to give back to the people who have given us so much: our moms. Mother’s Day.

And while I think the holiday is precious, I feel like there really aren’t any words or gifts that can describe my appreciation and love. So, this doesn’t even come close to expressing how I feel about my moms… but I still wanted to take an opportunity to praise them!

I have two amazing moms. My mamasita, Luisel and my mother-in-law, Peggi. I mean I really really hit the jackpot with these two. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not incredibly thankful to have them as moms.

They have given me an incredible example of what a Godly woman looks like. And, they have also shown me how to be a better a mommy.

As I get older (and now that I am a mommy myself), I realize more and more how much they have done for me and continue to do every day.

Peggi, thanks for being so thoughtful. Whether it’s a gift in the mail or flying here to help watch the kids… you are so sacrificial! Thank you for our phone conversations. Thanks for your support and encouragement. Thank you for believing in me. Thank  you for loving me as if I was your own daughter. Thanks for spoiling me and always having a coke and treats in stock. I love you!

Mom, First, ha thanks for birthing me (I know now that wasn’t easy.. whew). Thank you for making birthdays so special every year. Thanks for encouraging me and supporting me in my dreams. Thank you for your random cards in the mail, they are so encouraging. Thank you for being so present and involved in my life. Thank you for investing in my children.. They sure do love their Pinky. Thanks for teaching me how to clean, cook, and manage a home. Thanks for being there to randomly go to breakfast last minute. I love you mamasita! I hope you feel blessed today.

And to all the mommies out there, I pray you feel loved and blessed this Mother’s Day weekend! You deserve it!


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