take heart

There’s an event coming up that we are planning… and I am so excited I can’t stop thinking about it!  It is so very dear to my heart.

Let me explain why.

Time and time again, the Bible says that God is a defender and protector of the poor, the oppressed, abused, and the fatherless. So if this is something dear to God’s heart, shouldn’t it matter to us as well?

I think most people agree we should help the poor, defend the orphan, but some of us don’t really know HOW or WHAT to do.

Sometimes the problem seems so big, we may not even know where to start.

That’s what this event is all about!

Raising awareness for the children who can’t defend themselves. Those without a family. Those without a stable home. The unborn.

And the great news is YOU can help. I can help. We can ALL do something.

It could be a simple as….

Bringing a meal to a group home

Buying a gift card


Volunteering an hour a week to mentor a teenager

Supporting an international orphan monthly as a family


Raising Awareness

Donating baby/children items

or maybe you are ready to consider becoming a foster parent or adopting a child.

Please come and join us for this event.


We are going to watch this film of how one couple took a leap of faith, and God used them to impact thousands of lives.

And then we are going to connect you with our friends (the organizations listed).

Please share this video! Hope to see you there! It will be an awesome night.




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