another adventure

Our family has started another adventure.

Its been months that Luke and I have been praying about what exactly God wants us to do with our fostering license. We are now permanently a family of five... and we took a half of year to adjust and celebrate that. But, we were both feeling the tug on our hearts that maybe God was asking us to open our doors and hearts again.

A few weeks ago I was preparing decorations for the event Take Heart… and I received an email from the placement department in our county.

“Yesterday, our intake and placement department struggled to find foster homes for the 30 children who came into care and needed foster homes. Right now we have 12 children at SafePlace. Ten are under the age of five years old and three are newborns. Later today a set of newborn twins are coming in.”

Yikes. That’s crazy. They couldn’t find a home for 30 children, just that day!

I began to pray more. Minutes later.. we heard of a one month old who had been in a shelter/short term situation and needed placement. We took 24 hours and prayed hard. Then we went and picked the little guy up.

It’s been two weeks… and we have survived.

The kids have been pretty great. The girls have really stepped up and have been helping so much with feeding the baby, diapers, and helping with Jax. Jax has also been very sweet to the baby.


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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But, I will be honest… It’s only been two weeks and we are EXHAUSTED. Ha!

Fostering is HARD.  That said, it is also GREAT, and totally worth it.

I feel like since we took this guy, we have had so many people asking us questions… I saw this post today and chuckled at some of the points.. so I thought I would share…

I also love the list at the end talking about how ANYONE can do something to support foster children!

Anyways, just wanted to share the news here.

And please pray for…

– our family to be able to give this little man love, security, and a healthy environment

– Luke and I to have wisdom and patience now as parents of four

– Luke and I to be on the same team (unity and extra patience with each other and the children)

– the little man’s future, his family, case manager, and any other people involved in his case

Thank you! Your support means so much to us!


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