prayers with my little ones

So, I totally got this idea from my friend, Shelly, so I can’t take any kind of credit for the creativity of it.. but I wanted to share because I feel like this has been an awesome thing in our home.

It’s incredibly simple too.

We just took some craft sticks… and wrote down people we love, causes we care about, places we want to support… and then made a stick for each one.

(The girls decorated them with markers for fun too)


Each night before the kids go to bed they can go and choose a random stick (sometimes we do multiple) and they pray for whatever is on that stick during our family prayer time. It’s been awesome to teach our children (and ourselves) to think of others and be lifting them up in prayer. It’s so important.

Anyways, maybe it can be something you start in your home!

So thankful Shelly shared this with me.


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